Why angelfish eat their eggs?

The angelfish is a great parental caretaker. It cleans and guards its eggs until they hatch, after which it continues to feed the fry till they are able eat on their own terms- but not without some movies! This fish has been seen eating its own offspring from time-to captive observation in order gain advantage … Read more

Why angelfish not eating?

When you find your Angelfish not eating, it can be a trying experience. These fish belong to the Cichlidae family and are very popular as aquarium pets. The species make pretty fascinating creatures that often prove friendly towards their tanksmates too! And when one of them stops eating out of nowhere- well…you might go into … Read more

Why angelfish eggs turn white?

Why do angelfish eggs turn white? It’s a question that has been asked by many aquarists. Over time, we’ve discovered the answer to this phenomenon is due in part from fungus growth and bacteria compromising their shell while they’re being fertilized without male intervention! To overcome the white egg issue, you should first understand what … Read more

Why are my angelfish kissing?

When two angelfish meet, they will often lock lips in what seems like a mating ritual. However there may be other reasons for this behavior including aggression and courtship displays which are all signs to watch out how you handle these fish! Read more: Why are my angelfish kissing? Why Do Angelfish Lock Lips? The … Read more

Why is my angelfish swimming sideways?

The freshwater angelfish is a hardy fish that can thrive in almost any tank. They are so common among hobbyists around the world because of their elegant form and graceful swimming movements, but sometimes these creatures swim funny-looking patterns which could be due to several reasons including disease or stress from changing water conditions like … Read more

Why is my angelfish hiding?

Hiding is a common behavior for angelfishes, but it can also be caused by aquarium conditions such as temperature and pH levels. If you notice your fish staying hidden more often than not in certain situations like when there’s too many other species or they’re stressed out from being crowded then this might just point … Read more

Will angelfish eat guppies?

Angelfish can eat smaller Guppies Angelfish are very fast growing fish, often reaching sizes that would be considered large for other aquarium species. While it is true Angel Fish may eat smaller ones if given the chance – as soon as they grow too big themselves- fry from these types of breeds will also likely … Read more

Can angelfish live with other fish?

Some fish can get along great with other types of aquarium creatures, but adding a new addition to your tank always carries the risk that they’ll fight. You may learn this lesson hard when those aggressive tendencies show up! Therefore it’s important you take into account what kind or species is going in before putting … Read more

Can angelfish live with tetras?

It is often said that the best fish for a tank are ones with personality. The Angelfish may be one such example, as it has been noted by many aquarium enthusiasts to make an excellent companion in any home décor—and their varying coloration speaks volumes about how much fun they can have! In this article … Read more

Can angelfish live with glofish?

You may not know this about glofish, but they are living, breathing fish with a heartbeat! And it’s no surprise that these little guys make great companions for other types of aquariums. While you might think artificial or battery-powered decorations like anywhere else on your computer screen (or even in some homes!), the truth is … Read more