How to play with my guppies?

Keeping your guppies active and entertained is very important for their health. And it’s no surprise that these little guys love to interact with people, play games or go on adventures! You must keep them involved in various ways such as adding decorative items into the tank while also providing toys so they can be … Read more

Guppy fish when pregnant?

Guppy fish when pregnant? When you’re looking at your pregnant guppies, the easiest way to tell if she’s carrying a bunch of babies in her belly will be by checking under her tail near where it meets with other parts. You should see some dark spots here that are called “gravid patches” – these increase … Read more

When to feed guppy fry?

Live bearing fish like guppies are great for beginners because they can be bred easily and often. Unlike other types of breeding, where you need to wait until your eggs hatch or put up with slow growing larvae that take hours before coming out into society as an adult swimmer -the fry born from these … Read more

When to separate pregnant guppy?

When a guppy becomes pregnant, it is exciting to realize that they will soon have babies. However this also involves numerous questions such as whether you should separate the female from other fish or not? Luckily through experience I gained over time these answers became clearer for me too! It is important to separate pregnant … Read more

When guppy give birth?

The guppy is a small fish that lives by an equation quite similar to person X + girl = baby. Lots of babies–a new litter about every 30 days! The female can store sperm for up until 1 year, so if you notice any changes in her appearance or behavior then congratulations because it’s time … Read more

When guppy fry get color

Guppies are the best pet choice for aquarium owners due to their vibrant colors. But have you ever wondered when do guppy fry get colorful? Guppy children start gaining some coloration at 1 week old, but not much yet! As they grow older though-in about two weeks-,the bolder patterns will begin appearing on these tasty … Read more

What guppy eggs look like

What Does Guppy Fish Eggs Look Like? Where do guppies lay their eggs? Guppy fish are a type of livebearing animal. What this means is that they store their eggs inside the body, and only when it’s time for them to hatch will those little ones come out into an eager world where there’ll be … Read more

How did guppy breathe?

There are many beginners who ask me if guppies can live without oxygen. This question mostly refers to the bubbles produced by an air stone and how it exchanges with aquarium water for better survival of these small fish species . However, there is no need worry because I created this article about them so … Read more

How did guppy fish die?

How did guppy fish die? Guppy fish can die from pollution, which causes them to become intoxicated and lose their lives. The lack of oxygen in water is also a cause for this tragedy- it makes the aquarium inhabitants unable breathe easily so they eventually slip through our fingers when we’re not looking closely enough! … Read more

Did guppy lay eggs?

Are guppies able to lay eggs? This is a question that might come up for those who are new or uncertain about keeping them. You may have noticed an egg-like object coming from your fish and aren’t sure what it means now! Well, we’ve got all the answers in this article so keep reading if … Read more